The requirements a company has for utilising business support can vary greatly, which is why we offer a pricing structure to match only the needs of your business. If you have the same task, for the same amount of time each week or a completely bespoke project we will quote you based solely on the time and skill level of your request. Our ability to deliver a highly skilled service alongside a competitive rate sets InDex PA above other business solution providers.



• Regular tasks.
• Rates set in line with the skill set level required.
• Pay only for the time you really need.

This option is the perfect solution for businesses that require set tasks completed on a regular basis. This can be all year round or even to help during absence, maternity leave, peak seasons or as interim cover. Charges will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour and billed according to the agreed tasks and time frame, ensuring you pay only for productive time.

For each enquiry we will book a discovery call to learn more about your business and the support you are looking for, we will then provide a solution suitable and ready to go!



• One off projects.
• High skill level assignments.
• Combination tasks and availability requirements.

If you are looking for support that is not a general, everyday task then we can still assist your business through a bespoke solution. This may be that you have a range of tasks for a set period of time that you would prefer to pay for upfront or a one-off project that demands specialist knowledge.

Whatever your business requirement we are happy to discuss, quote and deliver a high standard solution allowing you the freedom to continue building your business without the complication of people management and development.

*All enquiries will receive a discovery call to allow us to exactly match your business needs. Any quotation will be valid for 30 days from that which it is dated. All agreements will be contractual according to our mutual requirements and specific terms & conditions will be provided with your agreement. Rates are based on time and skill level and will be broken down as required in each quotation.